How to Decorate a Conference Room

Conference rooms are a vital part of running a successful business. They provide the perfect environment for productive brainstorming and meetings, but without the right decor, they can often feel uninviting. If you’re looking to turn your conference room into an inviting space that encourages collaboration among employees and clients, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we will share our top tips on how to decorate a conference room. Plus, get ready for many before-and-after photos as we showcase some of the stunning transformations we’ve seen! So let’s dive in – it’s time to makeover and spruce up that conference room with flair.

How to Decorate a Conference Room

8 Best Ways on How to Decorate a Conference Room

1. Choose the Right Colors:

To create a space that is both calming and energizing, it’s important to pick the right colors for your conference room walls. Stick with earth tones like greens and blues to promote relaxation while still keeping people alert. Bold accent colors such as reds or oranges are great for adding some life to a mostly neutral-colored room.

2. Add Some Nature:

Introducing natural elements to a conference room can be very calming and aesthetically pleasing. Consider adding some potted plants or large greenery in the corner of the room. If you don’t have much natural light, get some faux plants that need no maintenance! This will immediately add life and texture to the space.

Create a Space That is Both 
Calming and Energizing

3. Hang Artwork:

Artwork not only looks great, but it also sets the tone and invokes a certain vibe for your office. Choose artwork that fits with your company’s brand or mission statement, or pick something abstract to keep things light and minimalistic. Hang the pieces in places where they won’t be too distracting during meetings.

4. Change the Lighting:

Lighting can be key in creating the right atmosphere for a conference room. Too bright and it will be too harsh; too dim and it won’t be conducive to productive work. Go with a combination of natural light from windows, task lighting for individuals, and larger overhead fixtures for general illumination.

Lighting Can Be 
Key in Creating

5. Place Comfy Seating:

Nothing makes a conference room feel more inviting than comfortable seating. Try to provide enough so everyone can sit comfortably without feeling cramped. Choose chairs that are ergonomic and also aesthetically pleasing, like modern leather chairs or soft couches for lounging. Placing a coffee table in the center is also a great way to encourage conversation.

6. Add Some Technology:

In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of many businesses. Make sure your conference room is up-to-date and tech-friendly by adding things like flat screens for presentations or whiteboards for brainstorming sessions. This will make the room more functional and efficient.

7. Include Decorative Accessories:

Accessorizing a conference room can be a great way to add some personality and character to the space. Try adding some artwork, wall hangings, or abstract pieces that will draw people in and make them feel welcome. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your company’s history and culture – add framed photos of previous projects or accomplishments, for example.

8. Make it a Fun Space:

Conference rooms don’t need to be serious and stuffy all the time! Add some fun elements to make people feel relaxed – put up a dart board or hang a couple of guitars on the wall for impromptu jam sessions. This will help break the ice and encourage creativity in everyone who enters the room.

With these tips, you’ll be able to transform your conference room into a space that is both comfortable and productive. And don’t forget to take before-and-after photos – we’d love to see the results! Good luck and happy decorating!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Decorate a Conference Room

1. Make sure the furniture is comfortable and well-arranged for conversation. The chairs should be arranged in a way that encourages people to interact with each other and not face away from one another. Consider adding side tables for added comfort if needed.

2. If the conference room has an entryway, it is important to make sure this area looks inviting and welcoming. Hang a large painting or artwork near the entrance, or create a seating area where people can wait for their turn to enter the meeting room.

Add Some Fun Elements

3. Utilize lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere. Natural light is always preferred, but if that is not an option then consider using indirect artificial lighting with dimmers or task lights to make sure people are not sitting in darkness.

4. Add color to the walls with a fresh coat of paint or framed artwork that captures the purpose and mood of the room. If you have a large enough lobby space, consider bringing in house plants for added charm and energy.

5. Bare walls do not create an inviting atmosphere so make sure to add curtains, a decorative rug, or shelves with books and other items. This will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort that will help encourage conversation and cooperation.

6. Finally, make sure to add personal touches like a bowl filled with snacks for attendees or inspirational quotes on the walls. These elements can help to lift morale and inspire people to come together in the conference room to have meaningful conversations.

By following these tips and tricks, businesses can create a comfortable atmosphere for their meeting rooms that will inspire creativity and collaboration. With the right decorations, any size conference room can be transformed into an inviting space for meaningful conversations.

Things You Should Consider to Decorate a Conference Room

1. Before decorating, you should consider how much space is available and the shape of the room. This will help determine how big any furniture or decorations can be and what kind of layout works best.

2. Select a color palette that looks professional but also reflects the company’s brand or culture. This will help create a pleasant atmosphere without being too flashy or distracting.

3. Choose furniture and decorations that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Conference rooms should have comfortable chairs for people to sit in, as well as tables and other appropriate furniture pieces.

4. Pick out artwork or decorations that are in line with the company’s mission and that will encourage collaboration and creativity. Abstract art pieces, inspirational quotes, and maps can all be great additions to a conference room.

5. Think about lighting and temperature when decorating a conference room as well. Good lighting is important for productivity, so make sure that the room isn’t too dim or too bright. Additionally, make sure that the temperature is comfortable for everyone.

6. Finally, consider adding plants or greenery to the conference room if possible. Plants can help create a more calming and inviting atmosphere in addition to improving air quality in the space.

Decorating a conference room doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. 

Following these steps will help create a welcoming, productive space that people will enjoy being in. With some thoughtful planning and creativity, you can make your conference room look great without breaking the bank.

Add Color to the Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Consider When Decorating a Conference Room? 

When decorating a conference room, you should take into consideration the purpose of the space, budget, and existing furnishings. Additionally, consider the style that best fits your brand image and the types of meetings that will be taking place in the room.

What Décor Works Best in Conference Rooms? 

The type of décor that works best in conference rooms depends on the purpose of the space and the style that best fits your brand image. Consider adding bold colors to create a creative atmosphere, or natural elements like plants and wood accents to bring a calming feel. Additionally, artwork on the walls can help to add interest and personalize the space.

What Are Some Tips for Decorating a Conference Room? 

When decorating a conference room, it is important to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages collaboration and productivity. Consider adding comfortable seating with plenty of options to accommodate different types of meetings. Additionally, providing ample storage and surfaces for writing materials can be beneficial. Finally, adding artwork and décor that reflects your brand image will help to create a professional atmosphere.

What Are Some Ideas for Decorating a Conference Room on a Budget? 

Decorating a conference room on a budget is possible by focusing on the existing furnishings and complementing them with inexpensive items. Consider repurposing furniture pieces from other areas of the office, such as a rug or art pieces. Additionally, adding plants and artwork can be done inexpensively with items from thrift stores or online retailers. Plants can help to bring life to the space, while artwork can add interest and color without breaking the bank.


With the above outlined you can easily how to decorate a conference room and what to consider when doing so. Consider the purpose of the space, budget, and style that best fits your brand image and the types of meetings that will be held in the room. 

Use décor that works with these considerations, and add comfortable seating, storage, and surfaces for writing materials and artwork/décor reflecting your brand image.

Finally if on a budget focus on existing furniture pieces, plants, and artwork from thrift stores or online retailers. This will help create an inviting atmosphere that encourages collaboration and productivity.

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