How to Keep Warm in a Cold Office

We’ve all been there: sitting at our desks in a chilly office, battling the cold while trying to stay productive. Sure, we can always turn up the thermostat or throw on an extra layer of clothing, but have you ever considered some more creative ways to keep yourself warm during those nine-hour workdays?

How to Keep Warm in a Cold Office

Trying to stay productive at work while wearing all the layers needed to keep warm can be challenging. With winter right around the corner, now is the time to take actions that will ensure you remain comfortable in those long hours behind your desk.

With just a few simple items and some inventive thinking, you can easily add layers of heat and coziness to your workspace without sacrificing style. In this post, we’ll explore how to keep warm in a cold office that will have you feeling toastier than your morning cup of coffee!

What Will You Need?

Before you get started, you’ll need to gather some basic items. These include:

  1. A space heater
  2. An extra blanket or two (try wool or flannel for added warmth)
  3. Some warm socks
  4. A hot water bottle or heat pack
  5. An insulated cup for your coffee
  6. A desk lamp with a bright bulb

Once you have the necessary items, here are some tips for how to keep a cold office warm.

10 Easy Steps on How to Keep Warm in a Cold Office

1. Layer Up:

Dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove clothing as needed. Choose fabrics like wool and flannel, which can help to trap heat and keep you warmer. If possible, try to avoid wearing fabrics like cotton, which can hold moisture and make you feel colder.

Choose Fabrics Like Wool and Flannel

2. Plug in a Space Heater:

A space heater is great for quickly and efficiently heating up your workspace. Place it away from any flammable objects but close enough that the heat will reach you. Don’t forget to turn it off when you leave for the day!

3. Snuggle Up with a Blanket:

An extra blanket or two can provide an extra layer of warmth when the office starts to feel too chilly. Choose blankets made from wool or flannel for added insulation and comfort. Avoid bulky blankets that make it difficult to move around or type.

4. Put on Some Socks:

Wearing a pair of warm socks can be a great way to keep your feet cozy and prevent them from getting cold throughout the day. Wool or cashmere-lined socks are especially great for insulation. You Can also slip some hand warmers into your socks for extra warmth.

5. Pack a Hot Water Bottle:

If you tend to get cold quickly, consider bringing a hot water bottle or heat pack to work with you. Place it near your feet or by your side, and feel the warmth as you tackle your tasks. This is especially helpful for those who work in an unheated office.

Bringing a Hot Water Bottle

6. Invest in an Insulated Mug:

An insulated mug will keep your coffee or tea warm throughout the day while also saving energy by reducing how often you need to reheat it! You can get an insulated mug in almost any size and style, so pick one you like and enjoy your warm drinks all day. The best thing about insulated mugs is that you will save money and the environment by reducing energy consumption.

7. Illuminate Your Desk:

Brighten your workspace with a desk lamp with a bright bulb to help generate heat and light up the area around you. Additionally, adding a lamp can provide better lighting when working late or on projects. It works for both ambiance and practicality.

8. Stay Active:

Keeping active at your desk with simple exercises such as stretching will help keep your body warm and your mind alert. Be careful not to overdo it, however, as this can actually make you colder. Don’t forget to take regular breaks to move around and warm up.

9. Take Breaks:

Take regular breaks from sitting at your computer so that you can walk around, get a hot drink or just move about to stay warm and energized. Ensure that you are taking enough breaks throughout the day to stay comfortable. As long as you’re getting the work done, this can be a great way to keep the chill away.

Take Regular Breaks From Sitting

10. Gather Around the Fireplace:

If possible, gather around an office fireplace with colleagues during lunch or break time to take advantage of the added heat! Remember that a fireplace isn’t just for looks – it can be used to warm up the entire office space. Always take safety precautions when working with fire; never leave a burning fireplace unattended.

Following these tips on how to keep warm in a cold office will help ensure that you stay comfortable while working without sacrificing productivity! With these easy steps, you’ll be able to say goodbye to shivering through those long days at work and hello to cozy, productive hours in the office.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. If you can, try and get a space heater to keep yourself warm. Portable electric heaters are relatively inexpensive and will instantly make your office more comfortable.

2. Wear layers of clothing so that you can adjust how much warmth your body needs at any given time. A good combination is to wear a base t-shirt or shirt, followed by a light jumper, and then top it off with a thicker coat or sweater.

3. Move around your office as much as possible to keep yourself warm and active. Staying still for too long can make you feel cold, so try to get up occasionally to stretch and move around to generate some body heat.

4. Keep hot drinks at your desk, like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, that you can sip throughout the day – not only will this help take the edge off of the chill, but it also provide some energy to power through tasks!

5. Use blankets or furs to cover yourself while sitting at your desk if all else fails! This will act as an extra layer of warmth between you and the cold air. Make sure you also have something comfortable to sit on so that the chill doesn’t seep through your clothing and affect your working capabilities.

Use Blankets or Furs to Cover Yourself

Following these tips should help make staying warm in a cold office much more bearable! Keep yourself cozy and productive even when temperatures are low by making sure you’re as comfortable and warm as possible. With just a few simple steps, you can ensure that your working environment is always at the right temperature for productivity and health!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t rely too heavily on the radiators because these can be unreliable.
  2. Avoid sitting directly under the air conditioning unit, as this can make you feel colder than usual.
  3. Don’t leave any windows open, as this will allow cold air to enter the office.
  4. Avoid wearing wet or damp clothing, as this won’t keep you warm and might even make you more susceptible to illness!
  5. Don’t forget about your feet – wear closed-toed shoes and woolen socks to help keep them extra cozy.

By avoiding these habits, you’ll be able to stay much warmer during those cold winter days in the office!

What is the Cheapest Heat Source?

An electric space heater is one of the most affordable heat sources for keeping yourself warm in a cold office. These portable units can be plugged into any standard outlet and provide quick and reliable warmth without having to worry about a large energy bill.

You could also try using hot water bottles or microwavable heating pads that you can place on your chairs or desk to keep yourself warm while still being cost-efficient!

It’s best to invest in some kind of affordable heat source so that you don’t have to suffer through those freezing days in the office! Whether it’s a space heater, hot water bottle, or heating pad, ensure you find something that works for your needs and budget.

With the right heating source and the right attitude, you can stay warm and productive in even the coldest office environments!

Is It Better to Work in a Cold or Hot Office?

The ideal temperature for an office environment is between 68-72°F (20-22°C). Working in too hot or cold conditions can affect your productivity, concentration, and energy levels. So it is important to make sure your office is well-ventilated but not too cold.

It’s best to avoid working in an overly cold office as this could lead to discomfort and make it difficult to concentrate on tasks. However, if you do find yourself in a colder than average workspace, then follow the tips outlined above to keep warm and productive!

Overall, finding a balance between comfort and productivity is key when it comes to deciding how cold or hot your office should be.


The proper attire for cold office environments is more than just a fashionable option – it can be a matter of comfort and well-being. Keeping warm enough in your workspace can allow you to feel more comfortable and confident from the moment the clock strikes nine until you break for lunch.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring along snacks, hot drinks, or hand warmers to give yourself extra heat when necessary. Remember – no matter what technologies run your office environment, sometimes there’s nothing like a good old fashioned layer of clothing to keep things cozy!

Hopefully, the article on how to keep warm in a cold office has given you the insight and knowledge needed to stay comfortable and productive during those winter days! With these tips, you’ll be able to keep warm and focused even when temperatures are low.

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