How to Replace D-Ring Recliner Handle

D-ring recliner handles are an essential part of the reclining process. If you have lost your handle or it is broken, don’t worry; there is an easy way to fix it. You can have your chair working like new again in just a few minutes. Follow these simple steps to replace your d-ring recliner handle. So keep reading to learn more about how to replace d-ring recliner handle.

How to Replace D-Ring Recliner Handle

What Is a D-Ring Recliner Handle?

A D-Ring recliner handle is a type of furniture handle used on recliner chairs. The handle is shaped like a D, and it is located on the back of the chair, near the top. The D-ring recliner handle is used to help people get into and out of the chair. It is also used to adjust the position of the chair.

The handle makes it easy to recline the chair, and it also makes it easy to adjust the angle of the backrest. The D-ring recliner handle is a simple yet essential piece of furniture hardware. Without it, many people would have difficulty using a recliner chair.

Why Replace a D-Ring Recliner Handle?

Over time, the handle on a D-ring recliner can become worn or broken. This can make it difficult to operate the recliner, and it can also be dangerous if the handle comes off completely. However, replacing the handle is a relatively simple process, and it can help extend the life of your recliner. In addition, replacing the handle can give your recliner a fresh new look.

Use on Recliner Chairs

There are a variety of handles to choose from, so you can find one that matches the style of your recliner. So whether you’re looking for a classic leather handle or a more modern design, a replacement handle is perfect for you.

How to Replace D-Ring Recliner Handle Step by Step Guide

Replacing a recliner handle is a simple task and can be completed in a few minutes. The most important thing to remember is to take your time and be patient. You don’t want to damage the recliner or yourself in the process. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Identify the Problem

The first step is to identify the problem. In this case, the problem is a broken or damaged D-ring recliner handle. If the handle is just loose, you may be able to tighten it without replacing it.

Step 2: Get the Replacement Part

Once you have identified the problem, you need to get the replacement part. In this case, you will need a new D-ring recliner handle. You can find these at most hardware stores or online.

Step 3: Remove the Old Handle

Next, you need to remove the old handle from the recliner. Start by gently prying up on the end cap that covers the screw. Once the end cap is loose, unscrew the handle from the chair. Again, you may need a screwdriver to help with this step.

Step 4: Attach the New Handle

Next, take the new handle and line it up with the holes on the recliner. Once it is in place, screw it in until it is tight. Be sure not to overtighten the screws, as this can damage the chair. Finally, replace the end cap and snap it into place.

Attach the New Handle

Step 5: Test the New Handle

Once the new handle is in place, test it out to make sure it is working properly. For example, try reclining the chair and see if the handle moves smoothly. If not, check to see if the screws are loose and tighten them as needed. You can easily replace a broken or damaged recliner handle with a little effort.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to replace d-ring recliner handle. Be sure to follow these steps carefully and take your time to avoid damaging the chair or yourself. With a little effort, you can have your recliner working like new in no time.

The Different Types of D-Ring Recliner Handles

There are several different types of D-Ring recliner handles available today. The most common type is the plastic handle, usually attached to the chair with two screws. These handles are generally very durable and can be used for many years. However, they can become brittle over time and may break if subjected to too much force.

Another type of D-Ring recliner handle is the metal handle. These handles are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum and are much more durable than plastic handles. They are also typically attached to the chair with four screws, making them more secure. However, they can be more difficult to install than plastic handles.

The third type of D-Ring recliner handle is the wood handle. These handles are usually made from oak or maple and are very strong. They are also typically attached to the chair with eight screws. If your handle is made of wood, you will need to remove all eight screws before you can remove the old handle.

How to Identify Which Type of D-Ring Recliner Handle You Need

If your recliner has a D-ring handle, it is most likely one of two types. The first type is the more common variety found on many different types and brands of recliners. This type of D-ring is simply a steel ring connected to the chair’s mechanism with a long, thin strip of steel.

The second type of D-ring is less common but can still be found on some recliners. This type of D-ring is actually a plastic piece that is screwed into the chair’s mechanism.

Remove the Old Handle

What Type of Screws Do I Need to Replace the D-Ring Recliner Handle?

When it comes to replacing the D-ring recliner handle, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you will need to determine the type of screw that is currently being used. This can be done by looking at the size and shape of the existing screws. Once you have determined the type of screw, you will need to purchase the appropriate replacement screws.

There are a few different types of screws that can be used to replace the D-ring recliner handle, so it is important to choose the right type for your particular recliner. The most common type of screw is the flat head screw. This type of screw is easy to find and usually does not require any special tools for installation.

Another type of screw that can be used is the Phillips head screw. This type of screw is more common in newer recliners and may require a special tool for installation. Whichever type of screw you choose, make sure that it fits your particular recliner’s size and length. Keep reading for more information about how to replace d-ring recliner handle.

How Do You Replace a Pull Handle on A Recliner?

Most recliners will need to have their pull handles replaced at some point. The handle is subject to a lot of wear and tear, and over time it can become loose or even break off entirely. Fortunately, replacing the handle is a relatively simple process that anyone can do with a few basic tools.

To start, you’ll need to remove the old handle. This will usually involve removing a few screws or bolts. Once the old handle is out, determine what type of fastener will be needed to attach the new one. It’s important to get the correct type of fastener, as using the wrong one could damage the recliner.

With the correct fastener in hand, attach the new handle in the same location as the old one. Once it’s securely in place, test it out to make sure it works correctly. Then, you can easily replace a worn or broken pull handle on your recliner with a little effort.

How Do You Fix a Recliner Footrest that Won’t Open?

If your recliner footrest doesn’t open, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem. First, check to make sure that the release lever is in the open position. If it is, the problem may be with the springs that help open the footrest. Try pressing down on the footrest while pulling up on the release lever. If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the springs.

Another possibility is that the catch that holds the footrest is not aligned correctly. Try adjusting the catch and see if that solves the problem. If none of these solutions work, you may need to consult a professional for help.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is the D-Ring Recliner Handle?

The d-ring recliner handle is a small metal ring that attaches the recliner mechanism to the chair. Over time, the d-ring can become worn or damaged, making it difficult to operate the recliner. If your d-ring recliner handle is damaged, it is important to replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the recliner.

The Handle Comes Off Completely

Why Do I Need to Replace the D-Ring Recliner Handle?

If your d-ring recliner handle is damaged, it can cause the recliner to become difficult to operate. Additionally, if the d-ring is not replaced, the recliner mechanism could become damaged and much more expensive to repair.

How Can I Tell if My D-Ring Recliner Handle Is Broken?

If your d-ring recliner handle is broken, you will likely notice that the recliner is difficult to operate. Additionally, you may see damage to the metal ring itself.


Replacing a d-ring recliner handle is an easy task that can be completed in minutes. With the right tools and instructions, your chair looks and functions like new again. Thanks for reading our post about how to replace d-ring recliner handle. Have you replaced your recliner handle before? What was your experience like? Share your tips and advice in the comments below!

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