How to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks

Are you in need of a corner desk but don’t have the budget to invest in a high-priced one? Do you enjoy DIY projects and want to save some money by making them yourself? If so, then this blog post is for you!

The good news is that creating a corner desk from two separate desks isn’t very difficult. In fact, all it takes are some basic tools and materials, which will be discussed here as we go through how to create your own custom-designed corner desk – perfect for any home office or study space. 

How to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to create a workspace that is both spacious and organized, then making a corner desk with two desks can be the perfect solution.

Having a corner desk setup allows for plenty of space to work without taking up too much room in your home or office, and it’s surprisingly easy to build on your own. In this article, we will go through all the steps required to make your very own corner desk out of two standard desks, so keep reading if you want to learn how to make a corner desk with two desks!

Benefits of Making  a Corner Desk With Two Desks

1. Having More Space

One of the main advantages of making a corner desk with two desks is that it gives you more space to work and organize your things. By effectively using the available space in your home or office, you can make it easier to focus on your work without being distracted by clutter or disorganized materials.

2. Saving Money

Another benefit of making your own corner desk is that it can be a cost-effective solution. Rather than having to purchase a pre-made desk or paying for expensive home remodeling services, you can easily create your customized corner desk using materials that are readily available and affordable.

This not only gives you more flexibility in terms of design and style, but it can also help you save money over time.

3. Customizable Design

One of the best things about making your corner desk is that it allows you to create a design that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. Whether you want to maximize storage space or incorporate built-in lighting or other features, there are endless ways you can customize your corner desk to suit your unique needs.

Customize Your Corner Desk to Suit

4. Increased Productivity

Finally, by having a well-organized and functional corner desk in your home or office, you can boost your productivity and get more done during the day. With a space that is designed specifically for completing work tasks, you can focus on your tasks without getting distracted or feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings.

This can help you stay on top of your work and meet all of your deadlines with ease.

If you’re looking for an effective way to create more space in your home or office and boost your productivity, consider making a corner desk with two desks. Whether you’re working from home or need extra storage space at the office, this simple DIY project can help you get organized and stay focused on your tasks. So what are you waiting for? Start building your custom corner desk today!

How to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Measure the Space in the Corner

To make a corner desk, you will need to start by measuring the space in the corner where you want to place it. This should include measurements for both the length and width of the space, and take into account any obstructions or other furniture that may be in the way.

Step 2: Select Desks That Fit the Space

Once you have measured the space in your corner, you should then select two desks that will fit comfortably within this area. Ideally, these desks should be roughly the same size and shape to create a seamless look for your corner desk.

Measured the Space in Your Corner

Step 3: Connect the Desks:

Once you have selected your desks, you will need to connect them together in order to create your corner desk. This can typically be done with screws or bolts, depending on the material and design of the desks themselves.

Step 4: Add a Tabletop

Next, you will need to add a tabletop surface over the top of the two connected desks. This is often done with a wood plank or sheet of plywood, which can be secured to the tops of both desks using screws or nails.

Step 5: Choose Your Desk Accessories

Once your desk is assembled, you will need to choose your desired accessories to add on top. This may include things like filing cabinets, keyboard trays, and additional shelving, depending on your needs and the available space.

Some Additional Tips And Tricks to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks

1. Add Decorative Touches

To make your corner desk stand out, consider adding some decorative touches, such as paint or wallpaper in a complementary color, pretty accessories like vases or picture frames, or stylish lighting fixtures.

2. Choose the Right Materials

Choosing materials that are durable and easy to clean is essential when making a corner desk with two desks. Consider using laminate or hardwood for the desktops, and metal or sturdy plastic for the legs.

Choosing Materials That Are Durable

3. Measure Carefully

When measuring to create your corner desk, be sure to account for the space that will be taken up by any drawers or shelving units you add. You may also want to consider adding built-in shelves along the walls of your desk to add additional storage space.

4. Plan Out How the Desks Will Connect

When making a corner desk with two desks, it’s important to plan carefully how they will connect and create the overall shape of your desk. Consider using connecting hardware such as hinges or clamps to keep both desks stable and secure while you work.

5. Add Plenty of Power and Data Outlets

When making a corner desk with two desks, it’s important to consider how you will be using the space. If you’ll need plenty of outlets and data ports for your devices, consider adding power strips or wire management systems to keep everything neat and organized.

By following these simple tips, you can easily create a beautiful and functional corner desk with two desks that will meet all of your workspace needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks?

Yes, you can easily make a corner desk by attaching two separate desks. This can be done in several different ways, depending on the style and size of your desks. For example, you could use brackets to attach the two desks together along their backsides or sides, or you could simply connect them by screwing them together at their corners.

What Size Should My Desks Be?

The size of your desks will depend on the size of your workspace and how much space you want to leave around the corner desk. In general, it’s recommended that your desks be at least 30 inches wide, with a depth of 24-28 inches for optimal comfort. Additionally, consider choosing desks with similar heights, as this will make the corner desk look more cohesive and professional.

Choosing Desks With Similar Heights

How Should I Decorate My Corner Desk?

There are many different ways you can decorate your corner desk to suit your own style and taste. One option is to simply place a few decorative items on the surface of your desks, such as vases, plants, or framed photos.

Alternatively, you could choose to add shelves or other storage options along the sides of your desk to help keep things tidy and organized. Finally, consider incorporating a built-in computer tower into your corner desk design for a streamlined look and added functionality.


Now that you know how to make a corner desk with two desks, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get started on your own project! With this simple guide, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and functional corner desk that will help you make the most of your space.

By following the steps above, you can easily make a corner desk with two desks. This method is not only cost-effective but also space-saving. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can move it around with ease. If you need more storage space, you can always add shelves or drawers to your desk.

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