How to Turn Off Photo Capture on Blink Camera

Blink cameras are a great way to enhance your home security system, but sometimes, you don’t want them capturing photos. Whether it’s because of privacy concerns or simply not wanting to be alerted every time the camera detects motion, turning off photo capture on Blink cameras can easily be done.

How to Turn Off Photo Capture on Blink Camera

Blink cameras are designed to capture photos and videos as soon as they detect motion in their field of view. While this feature is useful for monitoring your home or office, there may be times when you do not want photos to be taken. In such cases, it is important to know how to turn off photo capture on blink camera.

Necessary Items

Before you can turn off photo capture on your Blink camera, make sure you have the necessary items. These include:

  • A smartphone or tablet with the Blink app installed
  • A stable internet connection
  • Access to your Blink camera’s settings

12 Steps on How to Turn Off Photo Capture on Blink Camera

Step 1:  Open the Blink App

Open the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure it is connected to the internet. If necessary, log in to your account. Also, ensure that you have access to your Blink camera’s settings. Here, we will be using the Android version of the app for reference, but the steps are similar for iOS devices.

Step 2:  Select Your Camera

Once you have opened the app, select the Blink camera for which you want to turn off photo capture. Even if you have multiple cameras, you can choose one at a time to turn off photo capture. As soon as you select a camera, the live feed will open up on your screen.

Select the Blink Camera

Step 3:  Tap on the Settings Icon

On the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see a settings icon. It looks like a gear. Tap on it to access your Blink camera’s settings. Some of the options that will appear include ‘Camera Name’, ‘Status Light’, and more.

Step 4:  Choose ‘Motion Detection’

Under your Blink camera’s settings, scroll down until you see the option for ‘Motion Detection’. This is where you can control the motion detection feature of your camera. Keep in mind that turning off motion detection will also turn off photo capture.

Step 5: Toggle the Switch Off

Once you have reached the ‘Motion Detection’ option, toggle the switch next to it to turn it off. When the switch is grayed out, your camera’s motion detection is turned off. Like the one you see in the image below.

Step 6: Confirm Your Action

After turning off motion detection, a pop-up will appear on your screen, asking you to confirm your action. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally turn off motion detection. Tap on ‘OK’ to proceed.

Step 7: Motion Detection is Now Turned Off

Once you have confirmed your action, motion detection will be turned off for your Blink camera. You can check if it has been turned off by looking at the settings again. The switch next to ‘Motion Detection’ should now be grayed out.

Motion Detection Will Be Turned Off

Step 8: Go Back to Live View

To ensure that everything is working as intended, go back to the live view of your Blink camera. You will notice that no photos or videos are being captured when there is motion in the camera’s field of view. With motion detection turned off, your camera will only record videos when you manually start a recording.

Step 9: Turn On Motion Detection

If and when you want to turn on motion detection again, simply follow the same steps and toggle the switch back on next to ‘Motion Detection’. This will enable motion detection and photo capture on your Blink camera once again.

Step 10: Change Other Settings

While you are in the settings menu, feel free to explore other options and customize your Blink camera according to your preferences. You can change the camera name, adjust the sensitivity of motion detection, and more.

Step 11: Keep Your Camera Updated

To ensure that your Blink camera is functioning properly and has all the latest features, make sure to keep it updated. You can do this by checking for updates in the settings menu or through the Blink app.

Blink Camera is Functioning Properly

Step 12: Enjoy Your Camera

Now that you know how to turn off photo capture on your Blink camera, you can enjoy using it without worrying about unwanted photos being taken. Whether you are monitoring your home or office, having control over when photos are taken can give you peace of mind.

Turning off photo capture on your Blink camera is a simple and straightforward process. With just a few taps in the Blink app, you can disable motion detection and photo capture for times when you do not want photos to be taken.

Make sure to keep your camera updated and explore other settings to make the most out of your Blink camera experience. Remember, with great technology comes great responsibility, so use your Blink camera responsibly and enjoy the added security it provides.  So, go ahead and try out these steps to turn off photo capture on your Blink camera whenever needed!

9 Safety Measures

1) Wear Protective Gear

When handling any electronic device, it is always a good idea to wear protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses. This will protect you from any unexpected accidents while working with your Blink camera.

2) Keep Children and Pets Away

To avoid any accidents or damage to your Blink camera, make sure to keep children and pets away when performing the steps mentioned above. They may accidentally press buttons or pull on wires, which can harm both them and the camera.

3) Handle with Care

Be gentle when handling your Blink camera. Avoid dropping it or subjecting it to any unnecessary impact. This will help prevent any damage that may affect its functionality. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Handling Your Blink Camera

4) Avoid Water or Moisture

To keep your Blink camera working properly, make sure to keep it away from water or any moisture. This can damage the internal components and affect its performance. If you plan on installing your Blink camera outdoors, make sure it is in a weatherproof housing.

5) Use Proper Power Source

When setting up your Blink camera, make sure to use a proper power source. Avoid using extension cords or adapters that are not recommended by the manufacturer. This will help prevent any electrical accidents.

6) Regularly Clean and Inspect

To ensure that your Blink camera is functioning properly, it is important to clean and inspect it regularly. Dust and debris can build up over time and affect the camera’s performance. Inspecting it regularly will also help you identify any potential issues before they become bigger problems.

7) Keep Firmware Updated

Make sure to keep your Blink camera’s firmware updated to ensure that it has all the latest features and security updates. This will also help prevent any potential vulnerabilities that may compromise your camera’s security.

8) Secure Camera Placement

When installing your Blink camera, make sure to place it in a secure location. This will not only protect the camera itself but also prevent any unauthorized access or tampering. Keep in mind that the camera may be more vulnerable to theft or damage if it is easily accessible.

Place It in a Secure Location

9) Use Authentication Features

To further enhance your Blink camera’s security, make use of authentication features such as passwords and facial recognition. This will help prevent unauthorized access to your camera and protect your privacy. Keep your login credentials safe, and do not share them with anyone.

By following these safety measures on how to turn off photo capture on Blink camera, you can ensure that your Blink camera stays in good condition and continues to provide the security and convenience that you need. It is always better to take precautions, so make sure to keep these tips in mind when using your Blink camera. Now, go ahead and enjoy the benefits of having a Blink camera with added peace of mind! 

8 Things to Avoid

1) Disabling Motion Detection for Extended Periods

While it is convenient to turn off motion detection on your Blink camera when needed, it is not recommended to do so for extended periods. This can leave your home or office vulnerable to any potential intruders or unauthorized access.

2) Forgetting to Turn On Motion Detection again 

It is important to remember to turn on motion detection again after temporarily disabling it. This will ensure that your Blink camera is always ready to capture any potential security events and provide you with the necessary footage.

3) Ignoring Firmware Updates

As mentioned earlier, keeping your Blink camera’s firmware updated is important for its functionality and security. Regularly checking for updates and installing them when available is recommended. With the Blink app, you can easily stay on top of firmware updates.

Blink Camera's Firmware Updated

4) Using Faulty or Non-Recommended Accessories

To avoid any potential accidents or damage to your Blink camera, make sure to use only recommended accessories and adapters. Faulty or non-recommended ones may cause electrical hazards and affect the performance of your camera.

5) Ignoring Maintenance

Regularly cleaning and inspecting your Blink camera is important for its longevity. Ignoring maintenance can lead to issues that may require costly repairs or replacements in the future. Then, all the time and effort you put into setting up your camera will go to waste.

6) Installing in an Exposed Location

When installing your Blink camera, make sure to choose a location that is not too exposed to the elements. Direct sunlight, rain, or extreme temperatures can affect its performance and lifespan. A shady area with some protection from the elements would be ideal.

7) Sharing Login Credentials

To protect your Blink camera from unauthorized access, make sure to keep your login credentials secure and not share them with anyone. This will prevent any potential breaches of privacy or security.

8) Placing the Camera Too High or Low 

It is important to place your Blink camera at the right height for optimal functioning. Placing it too high or too low may result in missed footage or false alarms. Make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended height and angle of installation.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your Blink camera continues to function effectively and provide you with the security and peace of mind that you need. With proper care and maintenance, your Blink camera can serve you well for a long time.  So make sure to follow these tips and enjoy the convenience and security that your Blink camera offers.

8 Additional Tips for Optimal Performance

1) Use High-Quality Batteries

To ensure that your Blink camera lasts as long as possible between battery changes, make sure to use high-quality batteries. This will also prevent any potential malfunctions and reduce the risk of fire hazards.

2) Adjust Motion Detection Sensitivity

If you keep receiving false alarms from your Blink camera, consider adjusting the motion detection sensitivity. This will help reduce unnecessary notifications and save your camera’s battery life.

Receiving False Alarms From Your Blink Camera

3) Use Scheduling Feature

The Blink app allows you to schedule when your camera should be active or in sleep mode. Take advantage of this feature to conserve battery life and prevent any unwanted recordings during specific times.

4) Place Cameras Strategically

Consider placing your Blink cameras in areas that are most vulnerable to potential security threats. This way, you can maximize their coverage and effectiveness. Even though Blink cameras have a wide-angle view, strategic placement can still improve their performance.

5) Regularly Check Camera Connections

To ensure that your Blink camera is functioning properly, make sure to regularly check its connections and power source. Loose connections or faulty adapters can result in poor performance or malfunctioning.

6) Use Local Storage for Backup

Although Blink cameras come with cloud storage, it is always a good idea to have a backup of your footage. Consider using local storage options such as an SD card or external hard drive for extra peace of mind.

7) Familiarize Yourself with Camera Features

Make sure to familiarize yourself with all the features and settings available on your Blink camera. This will help you make the most out of its capabilities and customize it to your specific needs.

8) Read the User Manual

Lastly, take some time to read the user manual that comes with your Blink camera. This will provide you with important information on how to set up, use, and maintain your camera properly. It may also include tips and troubleshooting guides for common issues.

By following these additional tips on how to turn off photo capture on Blink camera, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity for your Blink camera. With these precautions, you can enjoy the convenience and security of having a smart home security system without any worries or issues.  So take some time to implement these tips and make the most out of your Blink camera!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do the Batteries Last in a Blink Camera?

The battery life of a Blink camera varies depending on usage and settings, but they typically last for over a year with normal use. With frequent motion detections and recordings, the batteries may need to be replaced more often.

What Happens If I Ignore Firmware Updates?

Ignoring firmware updates for your Blink camera can result in security vulnerabilities and performance issues. It is important to regularly check for updates and install them when available.

Can I Share My Blink Camera with Others?

Yes, you can share access to your Blink camera with other users through the app. However, make sure to only share with trusted individuals and not reveal your login credentials.   Additionally, only share access to specific cameras and not your entire system.  This will ensure the security and privacy of your home.

Can I Use Third-Party Accessories on My Blink Camera?

It is recommended that you use only the recommended accessories and adapters for your Blink camera to ensure safety and optimal performance. Using third-party ones may result in electrical hazards or affect the camera’s functionality.

How Do I Properly Clean My Blink Camera?

To clean your Blink camera, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe its exterior and lens. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the camera’s surface.  It is also recommended that the area around the camera be cleaned and dusted regularly for better performance.   Remember to unplug the camera before cleaning it.

Can I Use My Blink Camera Outdoors?

Blink cameras are designed for indoor use, but there are options available specifically for outdoor use. If using an indoor camera outdoors, make sure to provide proper protection from the elements and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.


By following these tips and precautions on how to turn off photo capture on Blink camera, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity for your Blink camera.

Regular maintenance and proper usage can help prevent common issues and maximize the benefits of this smart home security device. And always remember to prioritize safety and privacy when using any type of technology in your home. 

Having a Blink camera can provide you with added peace of mind and security for your home or office. By avoiding common mistakes such as forgetting to turn on motion detection, ignoring firmware updates, and using faulty accessories, you can ensure that your camera continues to function effectively.

Additionally, following tips like placing the camera at the right height, using high-quality batteries, and familiarizing yourself with its features can further improve its performance.

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