How to Hang Things in a Cubicle

Hanging items in a cubicle makes it your own space. It is also a great way to add personality and keep organized. By hanging items like pictures, calendars, or bulletin boards, you can create an inviting area that reflects who you are.

How to Hang Things in a Cubicle

Hanging things can also create more usable space on the desk or workspace, allowing you to store items like documents and supplies that would otherwise take up valuable desktop real estate.

There are several advantages to hanging items in a cubicle. The most obvious is that it helps keep the workspace organized and tidy. Hanging items off the walls or booths can help create visual order and free up space on desks for other items.

In addition, some types of wall anchors and hooks are specifically designed to be used with cubicles, which makes installation quick and easy. In this blog article, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to hang things in a cubicle.

Step-by-step Instructions for How to Hang Things in a Cubicle

Step 1: Inspect the Cubicle Walls

Before you hang anything, make sure that the cubicle walls are sturdy and won’t tear or damage easily if something heavy is hung on them. You’ll need a few different supplies, including a hammer, nails, adhesive hooks/strips/tapes, velcro strips, and measuring tape.

Step 2: Measure the Length and Height of the Cubicle Wall

Measure twice before you start hammering any nails into the wall. This will ensure that everything is hung up evenly and at the right height/length. If you plan to hang something lightweight, like a small picture frame or bulletin board, an adhesive hook/strip/tape will be all you need. These come in various sizes,, so check the product’s weight limit before purchasing.

Start Hammering Any Nails Into the Wall

Step 3: Attach the Hook or Strip

Follow the instructions on the package for attaching the adhesive material to your cubicle wall. Make sure the surface is clean before connecting. Once your hook or strip is attached to the wall, you can hang whatever objects you desire at the appropriate length and height.

Step 4: Hammer Nails for Heavier Objects

If you plan to hang something heavier, like a large whiteboard, you’ll need to use nails instead of adhesive materials for a secure fit. Hammer the nails into the cubicle wall at an appropriate height and length. If you plan on reusing certain objects in your cubicle, like whiteboard erasers or other lightweight items, attaching velcro strips to the wall and onto your things will be helpful.

Step 5: Double-Check Everything

After all your objects are hung, double-check to ensure everything is secure and won’t fall off or tear the walls over time. Now sit back and enjoy your new cubicle décor. With the right supplies and patience, your walls will be transformed in no time.

Precautions for How to Hang Things in a Cubicle

  1. Take into account the weight of the item you want to hang. Heavy items can be dangerous and cause damage or injury, so it is important to ensure that the item you are hanging does not exceed the load capacity of your cubicle wall.
  2. Use a suitable hook for hanging items on your cubicle wall. Some types of hooks, such as those with sharp points or claws, may damage the fabric of your cubicle walls.
  3. Always use removable adhesives when hanging anything on your cubicle wall – avoid using permanent adhesives or nails, which could cause lasting damage to the wall and be difficult to remove.
  4. Be careful not to hang items too close to your desk or other office furnishings. It is important to keep enough space around your hanging item for easy access and movement.
  5. Do not hang items in such a way that they could become loose or fall off the wall, as this could be dangerous for anyone nearby.
  6. Try to mount items directly onto the wall instead of hanging them. This will reduce the chances of anything becoming loose or falling off the wall.
  7. Check and ensure that your cubicle walls are secure before hanging any items on them – if they appear weak or unstable, it is best not to hang anything from them.
Hanging Anything on Your Cubicle Wall

Following these precautions will ensure you can hang items in your cubicle safely and securely.

Importance of How to Hang Things in a Cubicle

  • Organization: Hanging items in a cubicle is important in creating an organized and efficient workspace. This allows you to keep your work area neat, tidy, and free of clutter, helping to improve productivity.
  • Accessibility: When things are hung properly in the cubicle, they are easy to access when needed. This helps prevent you from having to search through stacks of papers or drawers filled with items. Instead, everything is readily available at your fingertips.
  • Utilization of Space: Hanging items in a cubicle can help maximize space usage. This ensures all areas are used efficiently and appropriately, allowing for more productive work activities.
  • Presentation: Having items hung in an organized and attractive manner can help create a more inviting atmosphere in the cubicle. This helps to give visitors or co-workers a better first impression when they enter your workspace.

By utilizing these four importance of how to hang items correctly within a cubicle, you can help create a productive and well-presented workspace that is efficient and organized.

How Do You Prevent Damage to the Walls of Your Cubicle When Hanging Items? 

When hanging items in a cubicle, it’s important to take preventative measures to protect your workspace’s walls. First and foremost, make sure you are using removable adhesive hooks or other adhesives specifically designed for use on cubicle walls.

Using Removable Adhesive Hooks

These products typically adhere well without causing any damage when they are removed. Additionally, be mindful of the materials you’re hanging and the weight of these items when selecting your adhesive.

For example, if you plan to hang pictures or artwork, make sure that the adhesive is strong enough to hold the item’s weight without causing any damage. Another way to avoid damaging cubicle walls when hanging things is by mounting strips with attached hooks.

This will allow you to hang heavier items without putting extra strain on the adhesive. You can also use command strips, which offer easy removal and cleanup.

Are There Restrictions on What Type of Decor You Can Hang in Your Cubicle?

When decorating your cubicle, it’s important to be aware of any restrictions your employer might have. Generally speaking, decorations should not obstruct the view of other workers and shouldn’t impede productivity in any way. Before hanging anything up in your workspace, check with your HR department or supervisor about what’s allowed.

Some items that may not be allowed include heavy, bulky items such as lamps and bookshelves, large posters or photographs, religious or political decorations, anything deemed inappropriate or offensive (such as nudity, drugs, alcohol, profanity, etc.), and anything that could pose a safety hazard. 

If you’re given the green light to decorate your cubicle, there are many ways to add a personal touch without compromising your employer’s standards. Try hanging lightweight photos and prints with binder clips or adhesive putty. You can also use wall decals, magnets, fabric bulletin boards, and memo boards for organizing documents or displaying artwork.

Hanging Lightweight Photos and Prints

How Do You Get Permission From Your Employer to Hang Things in the Cubicle? 

Before hanging anything in your cubicle, it is important to check with your employer about what is allowed. Some employers may have a specific policy about decorations and other items that can be hung or placed in the workspace.

If you plan to put up pictures, posters, or any other type of wall décor, ensure you get permission first. This will prevent any potential issues down the line. Additionally, follow any rules or regulations your employer sets regarding workplace safety and cleanliness.

Once you have permission from your employer, you can begin hanging items in your cubicle. Depending on what type of material is used, you may need specific types of hooks or screws to hang items.

Be sure to use the correct type of hardware so that everything is securely attached and properly supported. Additionally, be aware of any cords or cables visible when hanging things in your cubicle. You want to keep them tucked away as much as possible for a neat and organized look.

Can You Hang Things From the Ceiling of Your Cubicle? 

The short answer is yes, you can hang things from the ceiling of your cubicle, but it’s important to check with your employer first. Depending on the type of workplace and organization you work for, there may be restrictions about what’s allowed and where items can be hung. Some offices might even require certain objects to be removed if they pose a risk or are too distracting.

For example, if you want to hang decorations from the ceiling of your cubicle, it’s important to check whether they will be acceptable before doing so.

You should also consider how much weight the ceiling can support and ensure that any items hung are not too heavy to support safely. Additionally, some items may not be allowed due to safety regulations, so checking with your employer before hanging anything is important.

Hang Decorations From the Ceiling of Your Cubicle

Are There Resources Available to Help You Hang Items in a Cubicle Correctly? 

Yes. If you need help with how to hang items in a cubicle correctly or what materials to use, plenty of resources are available to help you. Websites like provide detailed instructions for hanging various types of items in different sizes and shapes of cubicles. Additionally, many office supply stores have helpful staff who can point out the best materials for hanging items in cubicles.

When hanging things, it’s important to remember that not all cubicles are created equal. Depending on the type of cubicle you have, different methods and materials may be needed for successfully hanging your item. 

For example, if your cubicle walls are made of metal or plastic, you’ll need specialty fasteners to hang items instead of cubicles with fabric walls that can accept pushpins. Also,, remember that many cubicles come with specific guidelines for hanging things – such as not exceeding a certain weight or height – so always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start.


In conclusion, hanging things in a cubicle can be tricky, but with the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to create a functional and attractive space. It might take some trial and error to find out what works best for you, but plenty of options are available to make your cubicle feel like home. 

Command strips and hooks, suction cups, magnets, and removable wall mounts are all great options for hanging artwork, pictures, calendars, and other items in your cubicle. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to hang things in a cubicle. Make Sure the preventive measures are followed chronologically. 

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