How to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

When it comes time to upgrade the furniture in your office, you may be wondering what the best way to dispose of your used pieces is.

How to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

You want to ensure that you are responsible for the disposal process, both for the environment and your wallet. Here are some tips on how to dispose of used office furniture responsibly.

Can You Dispose of Used Office Furniture?

When it comes time to replace office furniture, disposing of the old items can seem daunting. Fortunately, several avenues are available that make responsibly discarding used office furniture easy and eco-friendly. Donation is a great way to eliminate old furniture while benefiting a local organization or charity.

Furniture may be offered online or traded to a retailer when purchasing new pieces. If all else fails, most cities have municipal recycling programs that accept furniture items for disposal. Discarding used office furniture does not have to be difficult— there are plenty of responsible methods that can help protect our planet’s resources.

Why Should You Dispose of Used Office Furniture?

Disposing of used office furniture not only helps you make room for updated chairs, tables, and other pieces, but it also ensures that these items don’t linger in your workplace.

Whether it’s a chair missing parts or a desk that is too scratched up to be reused, disposing of such items keeps the area clean and presentable. It is also beneficial to send these pieces to be recycled and reused in another capacity to reduce our environmental footprint. Thus, taking this step is essential for both businesses’ and organizations’ success and sustainability.

7 Tips to Follow on How to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

1. Donate or Sell It

The first thing you should do when disposing of used office furniture is seen if there is any way you can donate or sell it. Many organizations accept furniture donations and may even be able to pick up the pieces from your location.

Can Go Towards Purchasing New Pieces

If you cannot find a charitable organization that will accept it, consider hosting a yard sale or selling it through an online marketplace such as eBay or Craigslist. This can also help bring in a bit of extra cash that can go towards purchasing new pieces.

2. Recycle It

Recycling is another good option if you cannot donate or sell your used office furniture. Many cities have programs where they will collect old furniture for free and either repurpose it or recycle it into something new.

It’s important to check with local recycling centers before dropping off any items, however; many only accept specific materials for recycling purposes and might not take everything you have on offer.

3. Hire a Professional Hauler

The next thing you can try is hiring a professional hauler. It may be the best way to ensure that all of your used office furniture is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Professional haulers specialize in taking away large items like furniture, appliances, electronics, etc., so they can quickly clear out an entire office space if necessary. Just ensure you vet them beforehand—check reviews and get several quotes to get the most bang for your buck!

4. Consider Upcycling the Furniture

Why not consider upcycling your old office furniture if you’re feeling creative? Upcycling is when you take an old piece of furniture and give it a new life by repurposing it into something else.

Turn an Old Desk Into a Bookshelf

For example, you could turn an old desk into a bookshelf or a dresser into a TV stand. Plenty of online tutorials can guide you through how to do this, and it’s also an eco-friendly way to get rid of your furniture.

5. Hire a Junk Removal Service

If none of the above options work for you, then consider hiring a junk removal service. These companies specialize in taking away large items like furniture, appliances, and electronics, so they are sure to know how best to dispose of your office furniture.

You can even find some services that will come out and pick up the pieces right from your home or office, which is convenient if you don’t have access to transportation for dropping off the items yourself.

6. Check with Local Town Halls and Organizations

Finally, you can check with your local town hall or other organizations to see if they offer any ways of disposing of used office furniture. Some towns have programs in place that allow them to provide free removal services for large items like furniture, making it easier for residents to get rid of the pieces without having to pay extra fees or hire a professional company.

7. Reach Out To Furniture Manufacturers

Reaching out to furniture manufacturers is one final option for disposing of used office furniture. Many companies today are focused on sustainability, so they may be open to discarding old pieces and either repurposing them or recycling them into something new. It’s worth conversing with them to see if this is something they offer and how you can take them up on it.

To Manufacturers Are All Great Options

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to dispose of used office furniture. Donating, recycling, hiring a professional hauler or junk removal service, upcycling, checking with local town halls and organizations, and reaching out to manufacturers are all great options for properly disposing of your old pieces.

Things You Need to Know Before Dispose of Used Office Furniture

Disposing of used office furniture can be quite daunting, especially when you don’t know the best option. Therefore, it’s important to research before getting rid of any furniture to ensure you understand the different methods and that they adhere to local laws.

Some of the most popular ways are to donate or resell it, recycle it, or simply throw it out as trash. Unfortunately, some kinds of furniture must be dismantled prior to disposal or may not even be accepted for recycling or donation – research is essential to ensure you choose the right method for each item.

Additionally, a growing number of companies offer doorstep pickup services, and other businesses with skillful repair services so that broken office furniture can be given a second chance instead of being thrown away.

Benefits of Dispose of Used Office Furniture

Disposing of used office furniture is an important decision that businesses need to undertake on a regular basis. The numerous benefits of doing this include freeing up valuable office space, reducing clutter, and creating a more efficient working environment.

Additionally, getting rid of old furniture can save businesses money by eliminating the need for costly repairs or maintenance work in the future. Disposing of furniture according to proper recycling practices also helps conserve natural resources, which will help protect our environment for future generations.

Finally, many communities offer programs that allow local businesses to donate gently-used furniture to those in need, thus providing double the benefit as businesses improve their own workspaces and positively impact their surrounding community.

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

1. Throwing it in the Dumpster

One of the most common mistakes people make when disposing of used office furniture is throwing it in the dumpster. While getting rid of unwanted furniture may seem easy, it can be illegal in some areas. Additionally, dumping furniture in a dumpster can lead to hefty fines from your local waste management company.

2. Selling it on Craigslist

While this may seem like a good way to make some extra money, it can actually be quite a hassle. You will need to take pictures of the furniture, write a detailed description, and then meet with potential buyers to show them the furniture. This can be time-consuming and may not even result in a sale.

3. Donating it to Goodwill

While donating used office furniture to Goodwill is a great way to get rid of it, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you will need to transport the furniture to the Goodwill location, which can be difficult if you don’t have a truck or van. Additionally, Goodwill only accepts certain types of furniture, so you must check with them before donating.

4. Taking it to the landfill

Taking used office furniture to the landfill is another common mistake people make. While this may seem easy to get rid of furniture, it is actually bad for the environment.

When furniture is sent to a landfill, it takes up valuable space that could be used for other waste products. Also, landfills are not designed for furniture disposal, so the furniture may not decompose properly.

5. Burning it

Such as Particle Board

Burning used office furniture is one of the worst things you can do when disposing of it. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it can also be dangerous. If you burn furniture made with synthetic materials, such as particle board or laminate, it can release harmful chemicals into the air.


Disposing of used office furniture doesn’t have to be difficult; following these tips, you can do so responsibly without breaking the bank! Donating or selling wherever possible helps keep unnecessary waste out of landfills while still providing someone else with useful items they need.

For those items too far gone for donation or sale, local recyclers often provide free pickup services and professional haulers who can take care of everything for an affordable fee.

No matter which route you choose, disposing of used office furniture responsibly does not have to be complicated! Thanks for reading our post about how to dispose of used office furniture.

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